What is Astro XP?

Space used to be the final frontier. ASTRO XP is an open-world RPG where players can live and thrive in a virtual world. Fulfill your intergalactic dreams by being a space settler, ultrasonic race car driver, and world builder in a universe of your own creation.

Choose Your Ride

HOLO-V Classes


The HOLOTRAXX is home to the fastest HOLO-Vs in the metaverse and no ride is faster than the Xerpent. Carrying the Dragon sigil, the Xerpent rides like a sonic blast that leaves opponents in space dust. It operates at one speed only - Fast, so if you're an adrenaline junkie who loves the fast lane, the Xerpent is the perfect HOLO-V for you.


What do you get when you combine breakneck speed with the finesse of accurate handling? The Sagitta HOLO-V! The Astro XP HOLOTRAXX is a race track like no other. It is packed full of hairpin turns and impossible corners that will push your skills (and hand-eye coordination) to the limit. Luckily, driving the smooth driving Sagitta will help you deftly maneuver any and all obstacles on your way to a 1st place finish.


If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough! The Valko shoots out of the starting line like a supersonic phoenix and can overwhelm the senses of even the most skilled racers. With a manically quick acceleration from zero to “I’m going too fast!”, the Valko is the HOLO-V of choice for space racers who loves to live in the sharpest of edges.


The Saber is the “tankiest” HOLO-V and is designed to win races and survive demolition derbies. The state-of-the-art durability of the Saber reduces your opponents' approach in the game into two: Get past your wide HOLO-V and cross the finish line and survive your “bumper taps” which can send you to a one-way trip to the pit - not even getting a glimpse of the finish line.


The Core Team

James Afante

Chief Executive Officer

Ayman Alih

Chief Operations Officer


Chief Gaming Officer


Lead Developer


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